Client Testimonial Letters

Re: Window Works Recommendation for James Shooshtarian & BMF Consulting

Window Works Referral LetterI would like to start by saying that our time spent with James has been an amazing experience that tested our faith in his abilities and paid off in all areas of our expectations, and then some.

We hesitated to make the commitment to proceed with professional business consulting because the “timing” wasn’t quite right. We were then encouraged to look beyond that and invest ourselves in our business. I thoroughly interviewed some previous clients of BMF Consulting, and felt confident with the feedback. James then came in and worked with us for a 2 week period (ten working days). Our main areas of focus were Profit/Expenses Planning & Control as well as Organization for Management. We thought we were set up nicely in the management area, but when we took a good, objective look at the situation, we realized there was a lot to learn. James is an excellent teacher. He is patient, and tests you to make sure that you understand.

The most immediate benefit as I see it is a different perspective on Job Costing, which will change the way in which we charge our clients for our services, without raising our prices. Budgeting and Variance Reporting made easy is another.

The most dramatic long term benefit has to be the reconfiguration of our Organizational Structure. This will truly allow us to work on the business instead of in it. It will allow us to walk away for any period of time, with the business still functioning efficiently. James was very good at gently easing me out of my comfort zone, for the benefit of our company. I am anxious for James to come back in 3 months time to see all the changes that will be put in place and for an opportunity to learn more from this business consulting expert! If you would like to discuss this further, please don’t hesitate to call me at any time.

Human Resources Manager
Sales & Marketing Manger/Window Works

RE: Referral from Remax

To Whom It May Concern:

Referal letter from RemaxJames Shooshtarian’s consulting services were first recommended to by the REMAX owners who had recently undergone a reworking of their business model and structures. Watching the offices new levels of efficiency unfold around me in the office, I knew I should follow the REMAX owners recommendations and have him meet with me to get an outsiders opinion of my company structures and help us in our areas of weakness.

In the last two years as my team has experienced such huge growth, we really needed to bring new organization primarily in the areas of financial control and employee efficiencies. After having undergone a short but intensive program with James I can say without any hesitation that we are on the right track to maintain the steady growth while also enhancing our company profitability and ultimately the services provided to our clients.

I would highly recommend James and his services and as far as I am concerned you can not afford to not have someone like James with his experience and expertises come along side you and your company to assist you in moving heads and shoulders above your competition.

RE: REMAX Testimonial for James Shoostarian and BMF Consultants

To Whom It May Concern:

Remax Testimonial LetterOur relationship with James began in June of this year when we met and discussed our company and what benefit we might derive from applying his expertise to our situation. After several meetings where he evaluated our situation and we did our due diligence on his references, we came to an agreement that there would be benefit and it was a desirable relationship to enter into. August 21′ was our implementation date with a dear path laid out for what would happen and when it would happen by. I must be honest in saying that after the first day I was wondering if we had made the right decision. My hesitation gave way to an eagerness to complete the process when I realized that the thoughts and feelings I was having were because he was going to suggest and implement changes to the way we did things and change is uncomfortable. Realizing that the improvements would be more desirable than the Status Quo, helped us all to overcome the fear of change. The structure presented would in reality give more freedom in operating our company. Today we have finished the initial process’s and are ready to implement them in our company. I have complete confidence that we have made a wise choice in contracting BMF and look forward to the next phase of our development. I am pleased to say that I can recommend James’ services to any company without any reservation.

Yours truly,


RE: Testimonial for BMF Consultants

VCS TestimonialWe have spent the past week under the tutelage of James Shooshtarian in our office. We have enjoyed the time we spent with him and feel that we have gained tremendous insights into parts of business management which we have, until now, left untended. I believe that the teaching he has done has empowered us to take greater control of our business and to better analyze and maximize the profitability of it. James has been an excellent teacher and has handled us and all of our staff in a very professional manner. We have enjoyed the time together and look forward to seeing the fruits of his teaching. We certainly would recommend James and his service to anybody who wants to gain control of their company.

Signed by President