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Should My Business be More Social Online?

For small businesses, keeping on top of digital marketing channels such as Twitter can be time consuming.

SEO &  Internet MarketingThe article identifies five of the best Twitter profiles that are publishing relevant and useful information for SME owners and employees. From online marketing advice to trend analysis and hardcore metrics, these five profiles provide a wide range of topical advice.

The media buzz surrounding the rise and popularity of social media channels is impressive. You don’t have to go far these days without hearing about everyone’s stampede to join sites like Facebook, Twitter and Liked In. Reports of stunning economic successes through cost-efficient social media channels are making businesses pay attention. But it is not all good – the depth of coverage has many business owners feeling overwhelmed and unsure of their best plan.

While some businesses are scrambling to create accounts everywhere, others are frustrated by their slow or nonexistent results. The remaining businesses are feeling overwhelmed by the media coverage, and become reluctant to get involved.

So how do you avoid the hype and still make sure your web marketing is appropriately “socialized?”

Another important consideration is that social media channels might work differently for different business types. For example, a coffee shop in Anaheim might use Twitter to advertise (“Tweet”) daily specials, while a Texas retailer might spend the same time more efficiently on a company blog to discuss products.

The key to understanding just how “socially-focused” your web marketing should be is to understand the habits and expectations of your customers. A quick poll, customer satisfaction card, or anonymous survey might be another good way to gain insight about what level of interaction your customers expect from your business.

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