Case Study: Internet Marketing Solution

Case Study: Internet Marketing Solution & SEO Program

The Client – Plumbing Company, Vancouver Island

A midsize plumbing company on Vancouver Island: The company had been purchased recently by two young entrepreneurs who upon the purchase of the business hired some friends to help them with the new website. Soon it became apparent to them that they weren’t getting what they wanted and they then hired a local company to create a new look for their plumbing company and they wanted to create traffic to their site and market more of their products & services again.


After spending a fair bit of money they still weren’t achieving what they were after, a new look and top of Google presence in the highly searched Google traffic. The page development and SEO parameters were not matching where the traffic was on the internet. The relationship between the owners was getting very tense and personal agendas were being challenged causing personal hardship for all parties involved.

The Method

BMF Consultants started with a Web & SEO Success Guide which ran through 52 pages, articulating and identifying the owner’s intentions and we clearly presented the 5 profit centers in the business model. By focusing on where the most money was made we were able to achieve a focus on what should be on the front page.

Once we placed the profit centers in their priority we then:

  • Analyzed the Google traffic and proceeded to optimize for the traffic
  • Established the companies vision and created a mission statement
  • Created the value proposition for each profit center
  • BMF created benefit statements for the potential clients navigating the site so they felt confident in clicking onto the strategically placed call to action buttons initiating contact and producing an internet lead
  • Produced a SEO strategy within web & page development

The Outcome

The business website rose to the top of Google in the search terms where there was traffic and new clients have been clicking on to the website requesting quotes and their services. This has been equated to an approximate 90% increase from the previous website. The relationship between the two owners has turned around and going to work in the morning has become more enjoyable than ever.

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