New Business Start-ups

Do you know how to make your new business start-up succeed?

Business strategy organizational charts and graphsIt is estimated that 78% of all small business start-ups fail within the first twelve months, and long-term survival is likely for only 22% of all new business start-ups. At the same time, huge corporations with seemingly vibrant trade suddenly closed their doors.

An analysis of the reasons for business failure suggests that over 60% of all business failure is due to poor management practices, the one attribute which must exist in every firm.

Too many entrepreneurs think that extra cash will solve almost every problem. Good management – not money – is the key to a business flourishing or dying. There are two very good ways for small business owners to learn management skills. One is to find out what the “high-fliers” in your industry do, and to do the same! Perhaps then you will become a “high-flier” too! Another is to study the mistakes of others.

“High-fliers” have recognised the need for business management training. Why don’t you do yourself a favour and partner with BMF Consultants and take advantage of their experience and wisdom, take the journey and fly high!

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